Monday, July 2, 2012

Sogn Update! He is COMING HOME! ...eventually

We finally have a date for Sogn's triumphant return home! He is a full eight-week dog - and the weeks have been long - but we have been given a date to pick him up! July 15th! I can't wait!

The updates have been few and far between and I shared the last big update from the trainer with readers a few weeks ago. Since then we've gotten more positive reports, mainly that he is finally catching on and needs to do some live work in the field but then we can bring him home!

I have really tried not be be an overbearing dog owner on this one and it has been very difficult for me. It's pretty clear that our excellent trainer (please don't let Sogn's poor performance sour you on the trainer) is a big believer in the pack theory, and thinks that a reason that so many of our dogs don't do what we want is that we treat them like people instead of pack animals.


So, I have held back. I guess I am being trained as well. I have restrained myself from emailing promptly every week (in fact, I have not emailed once) and although I have come within 100 miles of the kennel I have not stopped by - which means I haven't even seen Sogn for six weeks (and counting).

Calhoun, on the other hand, has.

As you may know, during Sogn's first season he had some ridiculous ticks. Since then we've switched to a more intense medicine and we are on time in its application. So, mid-month, Calhoun had to stop by and see Sogn.

According to Calhoun, from which there are no accompanying pictures, the encounter went like this:

Sogn curled his lips back in excitement and ran towards Calhoun tail wagging madly off. But before he could really greet Calhoun, Sogn gathered up a bag full of collars and leashes and brought them over to Calhoun all the while continuing the crazy wiggling and bringing of things. Then, after the lovely reunion, our sweet dog was called away and a chain link fence door clinked closed between Calhoun and Sogn. Sogn reportedly stood on the far side of the door and hung his head waiting for Calhoun to come get him...but he didn't....

I have been reassured that Sogn is just a dog, doing dog things, but I'm not so sure.

I cannot wait to have him back. I have not seen that apricot dog for six weeks (and counting) and I am going to smother him with love and treats when he returns in a mere two weeks!

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