Friday, July 13, 2012

My Preferred Mode of Transportation

Last year when I was desperately looking for clerking jobs I applied to a few jobs that were in the middle of nowhere Alaska. Calhoun and I thought it would be a great legal job opportunity but also figured it would be super adventurous. In the process we would hypothesize about the kinds of vehicles we might "need" to purchase were we to end up in an Alaskan town accessible only by float plane and boat. Calhoun, of course, decided he would need a truck and a chainsaw, I decided an ATV would be my preferred mode of transportation. 

I have never actually ridden on an ATV but one summer during college I worked on campus and we occasionally got to drive the John Deere Gator to haul things around campus. The thing is, before we got to drive the Gator we had to go to "training" which involved sitting in a room with a bunch of other campus summer staff while the guy told us driving stories. I don't remember any of them except that when it came to Gator training he said: "A Gator is NOT an ATV. I repeat, a Gator is NOT an ATV."

Therefore, ATVs sound awesome. I want one. But, instead of landing a job in bush Alaska I got this one in Southwest Minnesota and I figured driving an ATV around on a paved street was something that would be frowned upon here in civilization.

But I guess not - I saw this today when I ran across the street for lunch! I have seen many vehicles on the streets around here used for transportation that are not really for transportation (riding lawn mowers, tractors) but I have never seen one parked in the parallel parking spot before! I thought it was awesome and has renewed my desire to randomly drive an ATV around town.

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