Monday, June 11, 2012

"Not Where I Want Him to Be Obedience Wise"

We dropped Sogn off three weeks ago so we're halfway through our training program if all goes well. It doesn't sound like it's going well. Last weekend we got this email from our trainer:

" Quick update on Sogn. He is coming along ok. He's not where I want him to be obedience wise so have been working on that. He gets very anxious when asked to do anything so working with that. He picks up on things quick but can be really resistant if pushed to do more. All in all a normal golden :) " 

Something makes me think that he may be gone for a few extra weeks.


  1. Aw Sogn..he needs Sam as an obedience-mate!

  2. Sam is a good obedience dog AND a good fetcher. I hope you guys are doing well!