Monday, July 2, 2012

Rhythm of the River 2012 - Jackson, MN

Since my relatively recent arrival here in Windom I have been loving all of the community celebrations. This is partly due to all of the community information I receive via 94.3 KDOM Radio and partly because there isn't a whole lot else going one. One thing I have figured out about Windom is that it seems like a great place to raise kids, so without kids I have to find my own entertainment...


I heard about two excellent events this weekend.

The first intriguing event was Jeffer's Outlaw Days  which promised a kiddie tractor pull, mobile zoo, and a street dance. But since Calhoun is in the middle of his summer teaching schedule and I can't book his whole weekend I had to be selective in choosing our weekend activities so...

I went with intriguing event number two: Rhythm of the River Music Festival. I'm a little ashamed of myself to say that, given the calendar of events, the Rhythm of the River was definitely more up my alley and therefore not such a stretch in the "personal adventure" category but I loved it anyways.

We had a leisurely dinner at home and tried to avoid the insane heat and headed over to the Festival just in time to hear the Pre-Apocalyptic Junkyard Orchestra.



OK - number one, they had an accordion, a fiddle, a guitar, a bass, and a banjo!

Number two - they could all SING! Incredible three part harmony sans instruments late night Saturday. You have to love that.

Number three - they played an incredible variety of songs. They played some great fiddle pieces and even some piece in German that was really slow, but well done. And, before we were chased out by the bugs, they played a song of their own. I can't remember the name by my favorite lyric went like this:

"Moonshine you're the devil
I'll never trust again
I'll just stick to my old friends
Whiskey, wine, and gin"

We were incredibly impressed and there seemed to be a healthy turnout. The Rhythm of the River Music Festival is trying to do something unique, in that they are exposing their festival go-ers here in southwest Minnesota to a variety of music and offering a kind of outdoor festival that may be new to people around here but is totally taken for granted in the Twin Cities. I thought it was great and although I was sad to miss the Outlaw Days I was really happy with our decision to go to the Festival. Yay for new adventures!

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