Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Good Life Cafe - Park Rapids, Minnesota

Calhoun and I have been up to Itasca State Park almost every summer since we first started dating way back in college. It's the state park that he grew up going to as a kid and when we drive through now he doesn't need a map to find the boat launch or the headwaters.

As we were on our last leg of our trip to Itasca this past weekend we stopped in Park Rapids to pick up a few birthday sweets and grab a snack to tide us over at The Good Life Cafe. We ate at The Good Life Cafe for the first time last summer when we were all up at Itasca for the Headwaters 100.

It is a gem.

First of all, don't let the "cafe" fool you, this place is a full on restaurant, complete with a patio out back, beer on tap and an incredible menu to take you through every meal of your day.

Second, while they have an established menu they have a full selection of daily specials. I love that they have thought about what they're going to offer you and why it might be good, and they use local foods to inspire their selections.

Finally, their food is spectacular. So - I'm just going to say it. Here in the midwest, we live in a meat and potatoes kind of world. It is not hard to find a place to serve you chicken and wild rice hotdish or steak and potatoes - I've eaten both in the Itasca/Park Rapids area. But if you're looking for something a little finer, a little more adventurous, stop by The Good Life Cafe.

Calhoun and I ordered Bruschetta with Berries because we wanted something small and something we couldn't get here in Windom.

The dish was the perfect. I love desserts but I love savory more and although this was presented as an appetizer I thought the savory goat cheese made the sweet components perfect. 

The next time you're in Park Rapids stop by The Good Life Cafe and enjoy!

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