Monday, June 11, 2012

How To: Lake Mille Lacs Boat Launch

Last summer Calhoun attended the DDS's bachelor party which involved camping, fishing and Lake Mille Lacs. When the DDS proposed that they re-live the adventure again this summer Catalina insisted that the invitation be extended to all interested parties and we instantly accepted the invite.

So this weekend I went on my first boat launch.

A boat launch works like this:

- First -
Drive your foreign car to northern Minnesota - park on the grass at a resort that charters boat launches. We were hosted by Fisher's Resort on the east side of Lake Mille Lacs. We had an awesome rented cabin as home base and set up a little tent city in the back.

Saab, Honda, Honda, Toyota

- Second - 
Enjoy the sunshine, beers, and BBQ until someone tells you to load the boat. Then, still take the beers with you. 

- Third -
Set your bobber and bait. I learned how to set bobber depth which was really exciting/a boring but necessary thing I never knew how to do before. I'm still not ready to stab a squirmy slimy leech through with a fishing hook yet so Calhoun does that for me.

- Fourth -
Hang your line and your beer over and wait. 

- Fifth -
Watch the guy next to you (your husband) catch a fish.

- Sixth -
Enjoy the sunset and the ride home, and hope that there's more personal success on the next boat launch.

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