Monday, October 3, 2011

The Headwaters 100 - 2011

The Mississippi River, the largest river system in the United States, starts in Lake Itasca, here in Minnesota! Lake Itasca lies at the heart of Itasca State Park, a wonderful park complete with lodging, dining and of course, great outdoor areas!

Every year Itascatur, of Park Rapids, MN, hosts the Headwaters 100 Mile Bike! It's called the Headwaters 100 because the route takes the 100 mile bikers out to Itasca State Park, around the headwaters, and then back. But, I must make clear, I DID NOT RIDE 100 MILES, I went on the shortest of the rides, logging a serious 45 miles. For the past few years, Calhoun has met up with his dad and they've ridden the 100 miles together, then each head home immediately after the ride.

But this year, it was a family affair! We brought Sogn with us and met with Bemidji, Kenyon, Nokomis, Eveleth and Blueberry in Park Rapids. We all arrived late on Friday and the boys went for the 100 mile ride, Eveleth and I tackled the 45 miles and Bemidji babysat Blueberry while we were off on our adventure.

The great part about this ride is that it truly is a ride, not a race. There are riders of all levels and skills participating in the ride and there are lots of rest stops! It's awesome because by the time you start to get hungry or have to stop and stretch there's a stop!

 Our bikes, at a rest stop

Caramel Apples have never tasted so good! 

The ride went really well, especially taking into account the fact that Eveleth had a baby just a little over four months ago and I, well I'm just a little out of shape. It took us more than three hours to finish. the first part was was on the roads, climbing some hills and flying down the other side - those miles were a little harder. Thankfully, the last miles were on the Heartland Trail, a great paved path through the forest that was nice and flat! And, the trees are turning! Despite this unusually warm weather, the trees are turning and the ride to the finish was the best we could have asked for!

The Heartland Trail

It was a great ride and I am happy I've been to the Headwaters 100. Maybe one of these days I'll tackle the 100 miles??

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