Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekends in Minneapolis

One of the great things about living in Windom is that it is very easy to make a weekend trip to Minneapolis. The ease of a Minneapolis weekend is increased by our incredibly generous friends, who host us and Sogn and are always happy to accommodate us into their weekend schedule. One of the hardest things about facing this new move is that even though I am so happy about this job I could cry (in fact, I have cried - tears of JOY), it is really far away from the Twin Cities and all of our friends and family who live there. I'm afraid weekends trips to the cities aren't going to happen as often and they're going to require planning. Planning? Eek.

Anyways - one of the new summer events we have enjoyed the past few years is the Lawn Game Olympics. No - there's no link, this isn't an even that's sponsored by a local brewery (although that's a great idea) - instead it's a fabulous event that is put together by a friend.

Basically, it's as amazing as it sounds. We arrive at a super secret location (well not really, but I'm not going to tell you where!), haul the coolers and grills, set up hammocks and lawn games, let the dogs off leash and enjoy the day. Although all of those things are great, it's wonderful just to stand around in the shade and chat with friends we don't get to see regularly anymore. It's amazing the things that happen when you're away for a few weeks - nieces are able to walk around the Patagonia store, people have moved and moved in together, and new jobs abound.

I will miss our weekend trips to the Twin Cities, but we will still visit and once we get settled in Crookston we willl extend some invites to return the generous hosting!

p.s. If you're reading this to procrastinate for the 2012 Bar Exam I wish you good luck. You will pass.

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