Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeling Like a Kid

I work really hard in my professional and personal life to be a responsible adult - because according to my age and the letters behind my name I am. But sometimes I just feel like a kid, and when that feeling strikes I love it. It feels carefree and fun and it's great.

It's been crazy hot. You know that, you live here too. I generally manage the heat well since I work in an air conditioned space and when I'm outside I walk slowly so I don't mess up my new "professional" hair cut. On the whole, I manage the heat in a very adult way.

But Sogn could care less if I'm an adult. He is a hairy animal, who has a lot of energy to burn, and it means that we play like kids! The other day I threw on some shorts and my favorite pair of sandals and Sogn and I walked down to Island Park to do kid things.

I played with shells on the dirty beach shore and snapped a few pictures while Sogn wallowed in the mud, chewed on some sticks, and got real stinky.

I missed this animal when he was gone. He really does make my life better. 

On our way home from the park we stopped by River City Eatery and got a waffle cone with rainbow sherbet. I even let Sogn have a few licks after I was done (don't tell Calhoun).
The Des Moines River in Windom

We were stinky and sweaty and had a great time just playing, and not caring about how our hair looked.