Saturday, July 28, 2012

Endings and Beginnings

Endings and beginnings are strange to write about because I'm never sure what to say and I always feel like whatever I say should be profound. Usually I skip those posts - I put them off long enough that they become past tense and don't get written about at all.

Driving away from the office in Windom for the last time

But, I do feel like I have to write about this. I have never ever left a job for another job. I left my first after college job because I was going to law school. My first summer law clerk position during law school was a term thing - it ended so I left. The second law clerk position I had I loved for almost two years and it ended because I graduated and it was policy not to keep law clerks on after graduation - so I left.

But this is the first time that I have left one job voluntarily for another job. I worked with human resources people on both ends to coordinate the leaving and arriving, I arranged end dates and start dates and after a few weeks of insane activity and decision I am just waiting. Waiting. Waiting to show up for work on Monday. Waiting to meet new co-workers and set up in my new office. I'm waiting to meet new judges and files. Waiting.

At least I get to wait with this guy

On the subject of waiting - you, dear reader, may have to spend some time waiting for blog updates in the next few weeks, until we find our own house and get the internet going. Until then, I will do my best!

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