Friday, June 29, 2012

The Earwigs Aren't Helping

I've been a little stressed out this week. Nothing really terrible has happened to me, personally, but a variety of little things have added up to the development of a twitching eyelid that I'm pretty sure was brought on by the stress.

I don't want to get into any of the personal or family details, but on top of all of that stuff it has been a very busy work week! We had a full day various hearings on Monday and stayed until 6 p.m. - which is pretty much unheard of in district courts in Minnesota. The county craziness continued with a jury trial, a court trial, and many more hearings including sentencing and guilty pleas. I do love my job, it has just been far more action this week than I'm used to!

Then the weather, it's been hot in Minnesota this week and I'm variously uncomfortabley hot because it's 95 degrees outside and I'm wearing a suit or freezing my butt off under the AC at work.

And then, there are the creatures in our house. I may actually be to the point where I would take the mice over the bats and the bugs! A few weekends ago Calhoun got up in the middle of the night, he didn't say much to me but warned me that he was going to turn the light on in the bedroom. He did and looked around for a minute and I - in my 3 a.m. sleep stupor - am afraid I was not very nice when I asked what he was doing.

He thought he had seen a bat in the room.

Oh no.

But, earlier that week we had had a bat in our mud-room that he managed to get it outside and that very day we had read a story in the paper about a call to the police reporting a suspected home intruder that ended up being a bat stuck between the front and storm door of a house in town. So - we looked around and couldn't find it and both hoped it was just a figment of Calhoun's overly active imagination.

So, I jumped back into bed, turned out the lights, and pulled the covers right up under my chin.

A few minutes later a real bat swooped down right over our heads.

We were freaked the hell out! We jumped out of bed and Calhoun grabbed his fishing net and we scoured the house for this bat. We stayed up for a while, eventually crawled back into bed, fishing net in hand, and never did find that stinkin' bat.

Now I am always afraid there's a bat that's going to come swooping around our bedroom.

Then, to top it off, after a weekend in the cities I came home to dicover these little monsters all over the place.

It's called an earwig and they are ugly crunchy things that like to hide in damp, dark spaces. AHHH! I came home very late Sunday night and found myself screaming and stomping around my kitchen to kill the little things and I can't wait until our landlord comes back from vacation to help us deal with the problem. I've tried not to read too much about them because the less I know about the extent of this possible earwig infestation the better. AHH!!!

So there we are. To top off all of the normal stresses of life, every time my new short hair brushes against the back of my neck I'm afraid a bat has swooped over me or an earwig is crawling down my shirt. I'm afraid this eye twitch isn't going to go away any time soon!

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  1. I'm glad you are blogging more lately. This post was great, both Anna and I can empathize with bat intrusions in the house- not cool.

    I have a fun earwig fact after spending last weekend with my entomologist brother in California: we were talking about vineyards in the area and he said that machine-picked grapes and handpicked grapes taste different according to professional tasters because machine picked are full of bugs, and the most common bug in wine is, you guessed it: EARWIG. I guess there is a difference between Carlo Rossi and the other bottles we had at the GLOCK house.