Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Population 307

One of the major attractions of this new job in Crookston (besides the fact that the job is AWESOME) is that Calhoun's family is from the Red River Valley. I say, if we're going to be in out-state Minnesota it's better to be close to family than not. Right now, the best part of being near family is that during this transition Bemidji and Kenyon are generously sharing their home with me and Sogn while Calhoun wraps up some things in Windom! I'm commuting to work again, which is very different from the two blocks I was walking to work in Windom but it's nice to have a place to be and people to be with during my first days - and maybe weeks - of work. Not to mention, Bemidji has an incredible garden and it is that time of the year!

Bemidji and Kenyon are also letting Sogn live here with us during the transition. While I'm at work, Sogn is running around the place with their very energetic lab, Guiness, getting filled with burrs and meeting honey bees for the first time!

So, I have arrived. I am an attorney by day and a resident of "Town" - population 307 - by night.

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