Monday, October 10, 2011

I Passed the Minnesota Bar Exam!!

The state of Minnesota, like most states, post the bar exam results online and sends out letters to the takers. This year, the letters were sent on a Wednesday and results were scheduled to be posted at 9 am on Thursday, October 6. That means that, if you're in the metro area, your letter probably arrives the afternoon of the 6th, but you can view your results at nine - and most people do. So, naturally, I hardly slept Wednesday night and was nervously sitting in front of my computer at 8 am pretending to read any moderately interesting news I could lay my eyes on waiting for the results to post.

All the while I was refreshing the Board of Law Examiners Website where they were going to post the results. Then, a little before nine, seven hundred three-digit numbers appeared on the site. Unlike some other states that post names, the state of Minnesota posts exam results online in accordance with your exam number. So not only do you have to remember your exam number - thankfully I kept my ugly little badge - but you also have to remember hose numbers work and hope that yours is there!

And then, there it was. My number. Listed as a number that was the number of a July 2011 Successful Examinee!

And that's it. Three numbers and the months of waiting nervously were over. I passed! I PASSED THE MINNESOTA BAR EXAM!

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