Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chief Justice Lori Gildea: The Twin Cities is Not "Real Minnesota" from City Pages

Mike Mullen, at City Pages, published this incredibly awesome article about Chief Justice Lori Gildea insulting the Twin Cities, suggesting that they are not "real Minnesota."

Then, they illustrated Justice Gildea's statement.

I think Minneapolis and St. Paul are real Minnesota, but this article is such an excellent overlap of things in my life I had to share it with you here on my blog.

Another thing that's so wonderful about this article is that it comes at a perfect time in our lives! Writing about this article is the great way to break some huge news - we are moving out into "real Minnesota"(which is not what I'm going to call it) because I got a job! This has all happened really fast for us, but I'm excited to have a job and I'm thrilled that it's in Minnesota - although just barely. More details to come!

For another read on Justice Gildea's visit to Brainerd, here's another article from Minnesota Lawyer - much less sassy.

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