Friday, June 3, 2011

Blueberry and Baby Things

Nokomis and Eveleth had a BABY! She's beautiful and it means I'm an Aunt for the first time and I'm SO EXCITED!

Blueberry was born two weeks ago and everyone is healthy and happy and doing well. I'm loving it, because it means I get to buy and make baby things!

So, here's the first one. This awesome Minnesota onesie came from Corazon. Corazon is such a fun store, filled with neat, creative, sweet, funny things that you can spend the whole day looking at and laughing at. This is one of the sweet things:

And then, there are my handcrafted baby gifts! I made these baby booties! Look at my knitting skills go! I'm just a little sad that Blueberry is a summer baby and has no need for booties or sweaters or other things knit, but I'm making progress and by fall this kid is going to have more sweaters and booties than she or her parents will know what to do with! Ha! The joys of being an aunt!


  1. those booties are amazing.

  2. OMG I saw those onsies at Corazon once and we wanted to get one for Jonah, but we didn't because we found too many other fun things. Although, it is still on my list to get him one at some point!

    Super cute booties! You're a pro!

  3. Oh, and Bryan is wondering why she is named Blueberry instead of Strawberry or something with an "S"

  4. Her name is Blueberry because that's how big she was when we first found out about her, so its what we called her for a while :)