Monday, June 6, 2011

Dig a Dirt Hole

We had a cool, rainy spring and many Minnesotans were wondering when summer was going to arrive. Just in case you were still wondering (and you are an out of state reader), summer has arrived and it is not messing around. Although this weekend was beautiful (perfect for a camping bachelorette party and a study abroad reunion and retirement party), today the summer sun is asserting its strength! Minneapolis is currently under an Excessive Heat Warning, which means that our heat index today is near 90 and tomorrow it will be near 100. Although I enjoy exercising my meteorological skills during the winter, I'm no good at the summer weather forecasting, although I attempt to understand the Updraft.

And it is, indeed, hot out today. I spend the morning in a heavily air conditioned lecture hall learning about partnerships, while Calhoun and Sogn went to the dog park. Calhoun came home and took a shower to cool off but Sogn took a different approach, making himself at home in a fresh dirt hole in the backyard. I guess digging a dirt hole is one way to handle the stifling heat!

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