Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Losing the Battles

It's been a rough week around the Mostly Minnesotan house. We've been slow to recover from our Minnesota sicknesses and mother nature has been generous with the snow. And, when completing an exercise for school with Calhoun, I learned that one of the three things that he hates most in the world is shoveling snow. That's one of the things that I hate too. As a result, we have definitely turned into "those people" on the block.

Earlier this week a much milder version of the blizzard that hit Chicago and the rest of the east coast swept through Minneapolis, dropping about 4 1/2 inches in Minneapolis. That's definitely enough to come up over your shoes and make sweeping off your car and delivering mail a pain.

It took us two days to get it shoveled. And the majority of that was thanks to our neighbor, who pushes her snow blower around the corner and over our sidewalks so she can get her sidewalk clean.

We may have lost this last snow battle, but we will win the winter war!

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