Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Bowls, No Mugs, No Spoons

Somehow, I manage to stay healthy through finals and the holidays, but I catch some horrible sickness just as the semester gets going and there's homework to be done.

The one beautiful thing about being sick in Minnesota is that you're not alone. Granted, it can be a bit alienating when you sit down to a meeting and people back away from you, but it's because they have been battling sickness in their own homes and can't afford to go down for any period of time. On Wednesday I was chatting with my boss at work and he said that he wasn't feeling well and had to go to two different stores to find sudafed!

Calhoun and I have been sick all weekend. I'm not sure if we both caught it somewhere else and brought it home or if we caught if from each other.

I learned a lot of things about Calhoun when we moved in together. We didn't live together before getting married so moving in together, consolidating our stuff and getting sick for the first time were all interesting experiences. And because we always had separate homes, we didn't really spend time with each other when we were sick.

I embrace my sickness right along with healthy amounts of vitamin C, Echinacea tea, chicken noodle soup, sleep, water and cold medicine. I believe in spending the day in bed, sleeping as much as possible and as little time in the cold as possible. On the other hand, Calhoun is a purist. Yes, he eats healthy but he does not take cold medicine, doesn't embrace sleep as much as me and does not cut down on his physical activity. Calhoun still made it out skiing twice this weekend and even managed to take Sogn to the dog park!

One of the nice things about living with someone who is also sick is that we were both interested in eating and drinking the same things this weekend. We've had a lot of soup, tea and coffee (well, maybe not very good for you). We finally had to load the dishwasher tonight because we've run out of bowls, mugs and spoons.

Hopefully we are both feeling well enough to make it through Monday tomorrow and not spread our sickness, or catch any more of it!


  1. I don't know if purist is the right word. I was thinking stubborn.