Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Sogn!

Sogn's first birthday was in January and for his birthday we scheduled him for his neuter!

The big day was today and I went with Calhoun to the vet this morning to drop Sogn off. We both wanted to be there to check him in for the big day. I was a little worried going along to the vets office because I didn't want Sogn to be nervous that something unusual was happening. After all, you can't explain to a dog that you will be coming back to pick him up.

I apparently did not need to worry. When the vet tech came over to get Sogn we made an exchange, his collar and leash for a paper collar and a thin lead. Then there was a handoff and Sogn, our friendly puppy, who exhibits no sign of ongoing loyalty, trotted off to meet his fate with a total stranger. Calhoun and I were a little disappointed that he showed no hesitation and our feelings of abandonment were only emphasized when a silly looking poodle refused to go with the vet tech who got him. No loyalty!

A few hours later Calhoun made the trip back to the vet to retrieve our drowsy retriever. They said he made it through the surgery well and needs to wear his cone collar for a while and he shouldn't have any strenuous activity for at least a few days.

Overall, he's doing well with the collar. He's not thrilled about the constraints on his mobility but he's figured out there are some slim spaces he can't squeeze through and the look of shame has mostly disappeared from his face.

At least he's figured out how to hold his bone in his paws so he can chew on it.


  1. Awe :) I was super nervous to take Dimitri to get neutered!!! He bounced back just fine and was running around the house later in the evening, even though the vet said that he'd probably be lazy for a day or two.

  2. I'm so happy I'm not going to be forced to see this dog's gigantic balls anymore.