Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Great Thursday with Friends and Good Diction

Thursday was a great day. Sometimes great days happen by chance and sometimes they take a lot of planning. Thursday there was a little planning but a lot of chance that went into making it a great day.

I was at work all day on Thursday, and by chance had found out there were a few job openings that I wanted to apply for. So, I spent most of the day in my cube getting my writing sample and cover letters in order then went off to fax a few applications. The market is bad, and who knows what I'll hear back, but there is a great sense of accomplishment in knowing that I'm trying to get a job and hopefully, someone takes some time to review my application.

After work I picked up Uptown for a ladies night we've been planning for a long time. Uptown is the coupon/bargain shopping queen and had a two for one coupon to Dairy Queen, so we planned our night around DQ. We ended up eating at Rojo Mexican Grill which was fine, but the conversation was the key ingredient of the dinner. After dinner we went to DQ and had a few mini blizzards which were a great ending to a great night...or so I thought.

After dropping Uptown off at home I called Calhoun to find out about his plans for the night. I've been feeling bad about my long days away from home and encouraged Calhoun to go out with the boys, so he made plans to meet up with Minneopa and go to the Cause Spirits and Sound Bar. One of our mutual college friends, Red, was guest playing with another college friend's band, Good Diction. Britain is the lead singer, songwriter and guitar player. He recruited his wife for vocals and drums and a has another friend who plays great bass. Red and Britain have a long musical history together, singing in choir together throughout college and writing and performing a musical based on the life of Martin Luther. They are an amazing musical combination. It was great to see them play together on Thursday and I loved hearing Good Diction's witty and well put together music. Even though the show was pushed back because they were running late, and my ears are still ringing from the sheer volume of the acts that were before them, they were worth the wait, the cover fee and the late night.

In accordance with my hesitation to put pictures of people on my blog, I blurred this one. Artistic isn't it?

What a great Thursday.

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