Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Influential Minnesotans in Washington, D.C.

In preparation for the State of the Union tonight, Minnesota Public Radio has been running material about Influential Minnesotans in Washington, D.C. I don't follow politics closely and I'm certainly not looking to make this blog a political forum, but I really liked a little clip of a piece of Cathy Wurzer did with Lisa Gilbertson Wolski, Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator John Kyl, R-AZ. Wolski mentioned that she likes Washington D.C., but that she is part of the Minnesota State Society of Washington D.C. What I loved, and what I thought was so Minnesotan, was that Wolski said that even though D.C. is a networking town, when Minnesotans get together at Minnesota State Society events, rank, jobs and networking fall to the wayside and people just want to talk about the weather and people's children in good, Minnesota style. Love Minnesota Nice!

I heard this story this morning when I was driving to school. Please forgive me if I have gotten details wrong, the purpose of this story is to reflect upon the part of the story I heard that was meaningful to me.

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