Sunday, November 14, 2010

It is Possible to Survive a "Snow Emergency" in Minneapolis

It happens every year. The morning after a big snow storm and the first night of a snow emergency the local news stations are reporting from the impound lots around the metro area.

However, it is possible to survive a snow emergency in Minneapolis and not have your car towed. I have a few simple rules that I follow that may help a Minnesotan caught unaware.

First, be aware! If the snow is more than two inches deep, has been forecasted for multiple days or comes with extra hazardous conditions such as freezing rain, unusually warm temperatures, unusually cold temperatures, winds, there may be a snow emergency. Watch the news, check the city websites and listen to local radio stations to figure out if it's a snow emergency.

Second, take some time to figure out the directions for a snow emergency. In my experience there's a lot of snow emergency guessing going on, which is really unnecessary. The City of Minneapolis posts their instructions here, it is a little complicated and requires multiple moves of your car but it's not rocket science.

Finally, if you're the only car on the street you need to move.

Good luck parking!


  1. Also, Minneapolis 311, excellent resource :-)

  2. AND you can sign up to get text messages! With text messages from the city, there is really NO excuse for missing the emergency.

  3. I signed up for the text messages and did not receive a single text message for the December 11 snow emergency. Faulty system.