Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in the Red River Valley

Calhoun and I traveled north to the Red River Valley to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family and we had a great time in the north country!

As we departed in the car for Calhoun's hometown, I realized that I've never been to his childhood home during the winter. As we drove the 280 miles from Minneapolis to his hometown we watched the temperature drop...eventually hitting 5 degrees. And, what I have learned about the Red River Valley is that it's not the temperature that gets you, it's the cutting wind. Being from Minneapolis, I thought I knew wind.

I was wrong. You do not know wind until you have walked the dog a mile and a half over the flat tundra of the Red River Valley.

I am thankful this year for houses that shelter you from the wind, and homes that are filled with family, food and love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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