Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Snow of the Season!

I know I'm not the only Minnesotan blogging about our first snow of the season. But, it happened yesterday and it's kinda a big deal.

As you know, one of my favorite things is weather forecasting. I'm not very good at it but I am interested in it and pay attention and when the state meteorologists are forecasting 10-12 inches of snow you start collecting your winter gear and get ready.

Yesterday morning it happened. We woke up in the morning to snow falling from the sky and about 3 inches in the backyard. Calhoun and I got dressed in boots
and hats and took Sogn out for his first snow! Because he's a good outside he was thoroughly
unimpressed. But he did sense the magic in the air and had a fun time jumping around burying his toys in the snow.

So, we packed up the dog and in a moment of glorious stupidity, headed to the cyclocross state championship at Basset Creek Park in Crystal. Calhoun's brother, Nokomis, was participating in the race. If you have never seen cyclocross I highly recommend it. Cyclocross is a cross between mountain biking, road biking and running a trail race. Courses are designed through parks to force the racers to maneuver around manmade barriers, over stairs and through sand and mud and water.

When we arrived at Basset Creek Park the snow was deeper than it was at our house and we were beginning to appreciate how warm the temperature and wet the snow was. It made for great, slow moving racing as people rode through six to eight inches of snow in their cycling gear. Sogn enjoyed it, he was very excited by all the people and we're pretty sure we had the craziest dog in the place.

The journey back home was the most adventurous. Although everyone has been predicting this snow for a few days and MNDoT was promising that the plows were out, the plows had not yet cleared the roads we were driving on. We drove home well below the speed limit but we made it safely!

Overall, a good first day of snow!


  1. It's great! But, it's been melting all day which is going to create some nasty conditions when all that water freezes... I'm sure that'll be the next big weather adventure!