Wednesday, May 19, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

My friend Uptown is not originally from Minnesota, but she's from Pennsylvania which I am coming to believe is a state that belongs on a top-ten list. She is a wonderful friend.

Tuesday afternoon Uptown and I, along with most of Minneapolis, headed to Lake Harriet to enjoy the sunshine and people watching. We brought Sogn along for out little picnic, which seemed like a good idea. Lots of people enjoy the beautiful Minnesota weather with their beautiful and well behaved dogs I was thrilled to finally be one of these people! But, as the weather gets warmer we have learned that Sogn still has an undercoat of puppy hair and gets very hot very easily. So, after walking about 10 blocks to the Lake, Sogn had had it. He was hot and water was nearby and my webbed-footed puppy had one goal: WATER. Finally, we came upon a section the lake that was water entry possible and so Uptown and I went down and let Sogn run into the water. But, he's getting bigger every day and has to go in deeper to get all the way cooled off. I was wearing shoes that were not water friendly and Uptown was sporting thong sandels. Uptown has been a great friend for a long time, but she stepped it up even more when she stepped into the water up to her calves so Sogn could wallow in the shallows. Uptown, raised in Pennsylvania, is a great friend.

Sogn got cooled down and we were able to continue on our walk and then our picnic. Overall, a great Lake Harriet outing.

Sogn, admiring the view

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