Sunday, May 23, 2010

Minnehaha Park

The other day Calhoun and I went on an adventure to get some Dairy Queen ice cream. The three mile walk turned into a two and a half hour 5 mile or so adventure. It was fun.

We ended up taking Sogn down to Minnehaha Park and down into the creek there. Calhoun has been working on water retrieving with Sogn and when I'm off working my busy full time job he's sending me pictures of him and the puppy at lakes, retrieving like a good retriever does. So, we hiked along Minnehaha Creek and ended up finding a calmer area of water where Sogn could run in and do some retrievals. IT WAS AWESOME! I get nervous because he's such a baby still, but Sogn and his webbed feet can definitely handle the water.

But, I've never spent a lot of time in Minnehaha park and haven't had any reason in the past to venture down along the actual creek. I was shocked at how many people were there! Lots of people just out for walks, a fair amount of fishing and even a few swimmers. I love that right in the heart of the city you can go down into a river bed and forget that cars are rushing by somewhere, and just be with people who love being out there as much as everybody else!

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