Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big Week in Minnesota News

The past few days have been red banner days for Minnesota News. Don Shelby is retiring from WCCO, Robyne Robinson is leaving Fox 9 and Sven made an ass of himself reading the words to "Take Me Out to the Ball-game" at Target Field (look at the picture and you can see the cheat sheet in his hand).

I will admit, I am a devotee of of Kare 11 News and not such a fan of the other local new stations. It started in high school when I was getting ready before the Today Show was on (which I also love). And, like most Minnesotans, I fell in love with Sven Sungaard a few winters ago when he got hired at Kare 11 during one of Belinda's maternity leaves. Sven has an incredibly Scandinavian name (seriously, Sundgaaaaaaaard?), he was born in St. Paul, raised in Cottage Grove, went to school at the St. Cloud and even put in his time up north in Duluth. My goal for this next State Fair is to come into possession of a "I saw Sven at the Fair" shirt. That said, I was disappointed when he was singing from a note card. Seriously Sven?

Don Shelby - Oh Don. He's been on the air since I was in elementary school and in more recent year's I have had the sad opportunity of catching WCCO's Feature with Don, "Good to Know." I know he's won a fair amount of awards but he's taken to giving advice and using the evening news as his soap-box - that's what blogs are for! Not the evening news! (Also, in a very non-Minnesotan way I judge Don Shelby for working with Amelia Santaniello because I have been in the Nicollet Ave Caribou with her on more than one occasion, and she and her large purse are definitely not "Minnesota Nice" - how can you work with someone who is so mean to all the people in Caribou?!)

Finally, Robyne Robinson. I don't think I've ever seen a broadcast, but I have wondered about how someone has the same name twice - Robyne Robinson?

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