Saturday, April 10, 2010

Summer Grilling - One

We had friends over last night for a fun gill-out! It's not 70 degrees yet, but it's definitely time for steaks on the grill!

And I learned something new about my husband -

I met Calhoun through a mutual friend when we were juniors in college, and we started actually dating our senior year. When I met him he was wearing a button up shirt, khaki pants and had dreams of becoming a lawyer. His ambitions have changed slightly, but he's a graduate student and very much lives up to the academic stereotypes associated with graduate-dom.

But, he's from a rural, farming community up north and his youthful experiences never cease to delight and amuse me.

When Calhoun was younger he participated in a Future Farmers of America competition, called "Meat Judging." It's exactly how it sounds. Judges identify and categorize different cuts of meat, which are cleaned and bound for the meat case at your local grocery store.

Who knew?

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  1. Does this mean when you and Calhoun go grocery shopping, he looks at some brisket and says "Meh. I'd give that a C+, maybe a B- if I were feeling generous." Please say it does.