Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marriage Means Walking the Dog - Together

Calhoun and I have been sharing our lives with Sogn for two weeks now. When we told people we were getting a dog, they immediately asked when we were having children. We had to clarify - the dog is not a stepping stone to children, he is a substitute.

Besides, we're totally not ready for kids.

Calhoun and I will have a family some day, and I'm pretty excited about it - when it happens some time in the distant future. I think we share the same values and beliefs, have been together for a long time and understand a lot about one another and what parenting will look like. Well - that's what we thought before we took Sogn for a walk.

It's hard to describe, but we definitely have different approaches to the dog. When Calhoun holds the leash Sogn is permitted to tromp through flower beds and sit on people's lawns for as long as he wants to loiter there. I, on the other hand, likes rules and straight lines. When I hold the leash Sogn moves along with me and is discouraged from smelling the flowers for too long and is definitely not permitted to step in them. (I'm coming across as way too up

So, we have to figure out how to walk the dog together. It will be a learning experience for all of us I'm sure.

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