Saturday, April 10, 2010

Free Perennials

This spring is the first time I've ever had my own little plot of dirt to plant some green things in. The owners of our house are not much for gardening, so we were really excited to move in and be able to plant in the empty flower beds all of our own plants! Here's a picture of the flower bed, sans plants.

I'm more than a little worried about it. I want to have pretty flowers but I don't have any track record of successful gardening. I spent a few dreary winter hours doing research online regarding the best plants for Minnesota. I thought the University of Minnesota's 2009 Flower Trials had good information and I got excited about planting some of them...but then I remembered that perennials are pretty expensive.

So, I was happy when we went up north for Easter and Calhoun's grandmother (who used to run a greenhouse) dug well rooted perennials out of her garden and sent them down with us. We spent the afternoon gardening and I'm hoping that future posts are of actual flowers! Here's a picture of the flower beds, with the perennials, a collection of Irises and Lillys.
Sogn has also become a digger. When we were out planting today he was trapped behind the fence. But when I was watering the plants, I couldn't stop myself from spraying him with a little bit of the hose water :)

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