Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Most Minnesotans Fancy Themselves Experts on the Weather

I'm not sure if a Minnesotan's affinity for attempting to predict the weather is the result of generations of farming or the flat lands around here that allow you to look to the horizon and name all the clouds rolling in. Regardless of the reason, we all do it. We all predict the weather - but some forecasters are more accurate than others.

My forecasting skills are not very well polished - primarily because I really enjoy watching morning news and my husband, Calhoun, is a very good weather forecaster and he does it for me. He's usually within 3 degrees of the morning news and is much more accurate when it comes to predicting rain.

I'm gradually learning more about the weather. My accuracy is increasing - especially thanks to the new puppy, Sogn. After being outside for about 20 minutes this morning, he came inside with muddy paws smelling like wet dog. That's how I knew it was raining.

Forecast for tomorrow: high fifties and sunny.

Hopefully there are fewer muddy paws tomorrow.

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