Monday, September 10, 2012

Agassiz Wildlife Refuge

The search for housing has taken us far and wide in the past few weeks, and our travels have increased as we have expanded our net each week.  This weekend we drove out to Thief River Falls - the house did not work out. After eating at Buca's Pizzeria and strolling through their Saturday market we decided to just keep putting more miles on the hatchback and headed up to explore Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge.

It was really beautiful. But the weather Saturday was incredibly blustery. I know that Calhoun is not super thrilled with being back in the Red River Valley, but to me all of the views are new and beautiful, even blustery Saturday afternoons over flat marshlands.

Then we saw the coolest thing I have ever seen out of a car window. When we were eastbound on River Road/Reservation Highway 19, just west of the Beltrami County border, WE SAW A BLACKBEAR. He was strolling across the highway and took off when he saw us coming. We stopped the car to see if we could see him and we could tell that he was sitting just a few yards off the highway by the way the trees and bushed wiggled, just waiting for us to go by so he could cross the highway on the game trail again. It was so cool, I've never seen a blackbear in the wild before, it would be fun to see one again but hopefully always from the safety of the trusty hatchback - that little car has seen so many adventures. 

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