Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh hello, fandom

I've been absent from the blog for a while. My absence is partially because I find that when I get behind on posts it becomes really hard for me to catch up, and it's also because I've just been busy!

For example, I have this great picture of my niece Blueberry, and have been trying to find ways to talk about how great it is to see her when I go to the Cities and how hard it is sometimes to be so far away and how happy and blessed I am to have such great family and friends who are supportive even though they are hundreds of miles away. It was going to be a good post, except I couldn't get the words together so I just stalled - which means you ultimately get the short version.

Blueberry, so wonderful!

I've also been meaning to write about my knitting. I finished my first pair of selbu mittens, from the book Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition. Besides the fact that they don't fit so well (they're really big and resemble pancakes, but they fit Calhoun well if he wears gloves inside of them) I am very proud of my project and really have wanted to share it with you! But I stalled - and you get the short version again.

Then, last Tuesday, something happened that changed my life. So, thanks to this new hobby of mine called 'reading' and the impending release of The Hunger Games, the first book of the series arrived in my mailbox last Tuesday, courtesy of Swan. I have this natural aversion to all things popular and cannot believe that kept me away from this series for so long. Snelling was 100% right, this is a great read! I'm sure that my obsession was fueled by the fact that the real life love of my life, blue eyes and all, was away for the week that it took me to finish the series (that's right, finished in 7 days and even still went to work during that time), but it was AWESOME. I cannot wait to see the movie and I am afraid I have entered fandom on this one...I'm already reading it again!

Swan mailed me her copy of the book, complete with fruit snacks to keep me going! Thank you!

So, I guess that's all good news right? I'm doing things? Seeing friends and family in the cities, finishing knitting projects and becoming obsessed with fictional characters thus keeping me away from the blog. Apparently I need to develop more hobbies that allow me to write while I hobby? Or not...

I hope this spring and great weather finds you well!


  1. Erin- your mittens look great! I knew there was a Norwegian girl deep down inside you!

    p.s. the and only Norwegian factory that I have been to is the one in SELBU! funny small world. :) keep up with the knitting!

  2. I too have become addicted to the Hunger Games...Miss you Erin!