Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Moving to a new region and a new house and a new job has created some new traditions. Although Calhoun and I have always loved Saturday morning breakfast they've taken on new life and new meaning in this new life we're living.

Unfortunately, one aspect of this new life we're living that we spend days apart from each other. Calhoun is still a full-time graduate student and working hard at it. Part of that is work is as a teaching assistant for a class in Minneapolis - that means he drives back and forth every week and spends a few nights sleeping in a basement room he's rented from friends before coming home for the weekend.

In a very practical sense this time apart has changed the way we spend time together. In Minneapolis we would often plan things for Saturdays, taking advantage of all that Minneapolis had to offer. It wasn't really time we lost with each other either, because we had so much other time together. But now, Saturday mornings feel like an acceptable time to cook a great breakfast, enjoy coffee and to just be with each other after a crazy week spent mostly apart.

So this morning we actually planned for breakfast! New traditions take some time to develop and I just realized that this Saturday morning breakfast thing was happening so, instead of throwing together a last minute egg bake and frying some delicious bacon I actually got a recipe, shopped and (imagine this) followed the recipe!

So this morning we had Baked Egg Boats, from spoon fork bacon. Since I was just cooking for two I cut the recipe in half and we each had a delicious egg boat for breakfast!

The only tough thing about this recipe is that it is so easy and so clean to make. Sogn has adjusted pretty well to Calhoun's weekly absence but, when Calhoun is here, Sogn follows both of us around the house a little more closely. Usually in the chaos of a morning breakfast that means he gets a few stray scraps of vegetables or cheese and we let him have the bacon grease when we make bacon. No such luck this morning, easy and delicious recipe, very little cleanup and no scraps for the puppo!

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  1. Looks delicious!! Saturday is our day to made yummy breakfast and do nothing but enjoy each other's company as well :) Enjoy!