Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sogn is TWO!

I've been feeling...older...lately.

I don't feel old really. But time just keeps marching on - which I guess makes me older. There are things that have happened in my life that I feel like happened yesterday even though they actually happened years ago. For example, I studied abroad for a semester in college - the experience changed my life and informed a lot of who I am and when I mention the experience I have to remember that it happened in 2004-05... was that really seven years ago?

And as we all march onward in the years increasingly adult things happen in our lives. I mean, I am a lawyer. I feel like it was yesterday that I started thinking about being a lawyer now I am a lawyer. People have turned thirty and have babies. We have friends who are doctors, pastors, dentists, tenured teachers, physical therapists, nurses with more than five years of experience. It is crazy.

And then Sogn turned two today. A little over two years ago I was harassing Calhoun about getting dog, trying to convince him that it was the right thing to do and it was the right time of our lives to do it. I remember hearing that the long awaited litter had finally arrived and eagerly watching as they posted pictures online. I remember visiting his whelping pen, meeting his mom and wondering which puppy we would bring home back in March 2010.

One of the puppies we met that day in February 2010. 
To this day we don't know which puppy was Sogn - 

I also remember the day that Calhoun went to pick the puppy up. Sogn's name had been picked long before he was but besides his name we had no idea who he was going to be! I had classes that day and Sogn was coming from Wisconsin so Calhoun had to go pick him up by himself. We had arranged for him to come to school with the puppy so I didn't have to wait to meet him. Calhoun sent pictures and updates as they got closer and closer and I actually left class a few minutes early - I could see him through the window of the staircase at school, just this brand new puppy all for us. When I finally met him it was strange to meet this creature that we would be bringing into our home and our hearts! He was friendly, scared, already attached to Calhoun and so tiny!

Me and Sogn when we first met!

It hasn't all been wet noses and cute paws. There have been some difficult times, which I sometimes remember more vividly than the good and I've written about most of the best (Easily Pleased and Good Boy Sogn) and the ickiest (The Tick Retriever and A Losing Battle) on the blog. 

And this is us today. I think it's been a good birthday and I'm happy to remember this good time! That's my knee and his face. We enjoyed an evening here together with some cuddles and some outside time under the moon and Sogn got a rawhide. Time flies when I look back and realize that he's a real, grown up dog now! And I'm looking forward to many more years and fresh memories with this cuddly pup! Happy Birthday to my favorite golden retriever!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOGN!! Yep 2 years has really flown by!