Sunday, August 14, 2011

Up North Weekend

I've fallen behind in the writing and have many post ideas and pictures saved up and am not sure where to start! So, I'm starting with some material from a fabulous wedding up north a few weeks ago!

The D.D.S. and Catalina have been planning their wedding in Grand Rapids, MN for a long time and we've been gearing up for the weekend. Calhoun and I were especially excited because Calhoun loves Grand Rapids and the wedding was the weekend after the bar exam and was a little bit of a weekend away for us - not to mention we were really excited about celebration the marriage of the D.D.S. and Catalina!

The wedding was wonderful, it was on the lake and the weather was beautiful and everything was perfect. But the real story here (sorry D.D.S. and Catalina) was the decorations in the resort.

Because Calhoun and I have the fuel-efficient hatchback that supposedly had working air conditioning we were elected to drive up. So we packed the car with luggage, bikes and two friends, Hale and Menogyn. They were great sports about the hot car and, as always, were full of the necessary enthusiasm to keep the weekend going!

There's something very unique about going up to the north woods and the decorations that become standard decor out there. The moose and evergreen light and the canoe coat rack were fixtures of the cabin that reminded us exactly were we were!

But, just in case I really was to forget where I was for the weekend, about every five minutes Menogyn yelled out "Up North Weekend!!"

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