Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The High Bridge

I have re-discovered my bike this summer. I grew up on a cul-de-sac and was on my two wheeler by age three (or so the story is told). I loved my bike - it was the gateway to the world and it was AWESOME.

A few years ago I got my first real, adult bike. Calhoun started road racing in college and has worked part time at the best bike shop in the city throughout graduate school. Not only has his part time job fed his cycling habit, it also resulted in an awesome discount that allowed me to purchase a great road bike, Jamis, a few years ago.

Jamis, isn't she beautiful?

Although I've had Jamis for a few years I don't feel like I've really earned the bike. But this summer - this summer is different. I'm spending more time on my bike, I'm enjoying the work, the speed, the sweat and riding with no hands!

Not only am I riding to my bar exam prep class about half of the time (depends on how late I've ben up the night before) but I've also hustled Calhoun into a few long rides with me. Because my bike ride takes me straight up the Marshall Hill on Marshall Avenue, I am never eager for more climbs. But, Sunday after work Calhoun and I headed out for a ride from the shop that took us up the High Bridge in St. Paul. It's the first time I've ever ridden the high bridge and although I took it slow, I feel as though I have triumphed.

The underside of the High Bridge from the southeast side of the river,
with the State Capitol in the background

The great news about riding up is that the rest of the way is down, and our ride back home was great and had some great views!

A flooded part of the bike path

The view of St. Paul from the Mendota Bridge

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  1. Awesome!! I'm so jealous that you have a sweet road bike!