Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Everything Bagel

Calhoun and I are relatively obsessed with the "Everything Bagel" that can be purchased at the Seward Co-op, by way of The St. Paul Bagelry. I cannot explain it adequately - the bagels are AMAZING. They are the perfect amount of garlic, sesame and poppy seeds and general deliciousness. We eat the bagels with everything - peanut butter, fried eggs and sausage, and hamburgers!

This evening has been one of those too-hot-to-cook inside Minnesota days so Calhoun decided to grill in the backyard. Calhoun made a stop at Everett's Food and Meats earlier last week and stocked the freezer with great products and decided that tonight was a good time to thaw the Everett's burgers and marry them with the Everything Bagel for dinner

I rummaged through the refrigerator and made a topping of gouda cheese and cilatro and added spinach. A side of pasta salad made this a perfect, fast, kitchen-sink kind of dinner!

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