Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Spring Weekend!

We've had a few busy weekends around our house and it was nice to finally have a weekend that was ours!

The good news about having some time on the weekend is that we get to cook! Calhoun is a huge pizza fan and takes every opportunity he can to order from our favorite pizza place, Parkway Pizza. It's delicious but, also greasy, and expensive when he wants pizza at least once a week. So, inspired by Snelling's recent pizza post, we decided to make our own in preparation for Final Four viewing on Saturday night! We took it in a little bit of a different direction, making a hamburger pizza complete with fresh tomatoes on top! It was DELICIOUS!

We're not the only ones in the house happy to have spring back in the air. Sogn has been enjoying the sun, he's finally back to spending hours on the back step and causing general mayhem wherever he goes. The only downside is that he eventually comes inside and when he does, he looks like this:
In fairness, this dirt is from the dog park and is the result of Sogn's love of water and some good exercise. I'm just grateful every day that we have linoleum in the kitchen!


  1. Wahoo!!!! I made your blog!!! I didn't realize it was me at first :)

  2. Hahaha! YES! I did have to go re-fresh your name but you did make it :)

  3. Oh, you make me miss MN!! Great Blog! Excited to continue reading!

  4. Bekki, I'm glad to have you as a reader! I'm excited for your project to start, but I may need some warning time to make sure I can plan ahead!