Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's All Relative

This spring's Minnesota weather has been a little insane. We've already had some high forty degree days and the snow has not stopped. This makes getting ready in the morning a challenging activity, as the clothing for noon is rarely heavy enough for leaving school in the evening.

The great news about this swing of the weather is that almost every day is better than the next. The other day I met a few friends for lunch, and even though it was just about 33 degrees and there was still a dangerously thin layer of ice on the sidewalk we talked about the beautiful, sunny weather as we walked through downtown.

The bad thing about the effects of the weather being all relative is that when the temperature does dip back down it's hard on the emotions and morale. In the depths of January, ten degrees feels warm and people start to shed the layers. But, the first ten degree day of the winter is bitter and the return to ten degrees after fifty feels like a personal affront.

While there are positives and negatives in all of this, I still love winter, the snow, weather and clothing. But, as this spring has set in I have come to really appreciate that warm, spring sun. I was wiping the snow off my car a few days ago was so happy to feel the sun beating down on me, warming me through my wool jacket. I guess that's the upside in all of this crazy weather. It is getting nicer, mostly warmer every day. Every day is sunnier than the last and we are inching our way towards full on Minnesota summer.

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