Saturday, December 11, 2010

Still Snowing!

The Start Tribune is reporting that the Twin Cities has received 12 inches of snow so far, and we may have four more inches to go!

I haven't been outside yet today but from what I can see from inside the house I believe the reports of 12 inches. So, I think it's official, we're snowed in!

This picture of the backyard is actually from a few hours ago, but I wanted to be able to post a good during and after pictures so I'm keeping this one for now.

Well, since we're snowed in and didn't make the winter storm grocery run last night like many people probably did, we had to be a little creative this morning for breakfast. Calhoun wanted pancakes but we're out of mix so he found this simple recipe online:

1-3/4 c. flour
2 tbsp sugar
4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
1/4 c oil
1-3/4 c. milk

The problem is that we didn't have any milk! We almost always have cream in the house, for our coffee, and some whipped cream and vanilla yogurt, but no milk! So, we got a little creative and substituted egg nog for the milk. We needed to add some extra water to the batter, as egg nog is quite a bit thicker than milk, but the flavor turned out great!

One thing we have been dealing with this morning that's been a little strange is Sogn's behavior. He's has fun in the snow and enjoys it when he's outside, but when he's inside he seems very worried. It's the first time I've noticed him ever just watching out the window, which seems to make him more worried! Calhoun thinks that Turtle the bunny seems a little worried about the weather as well, which is kind of hilarious because she has never been outside and definitely can't see out the window.

With the exception of the nervous animals in the house, it's been a wonderful snowed in morning so far!


  1. Don't forget about the vanilla yogurt pancakes!! Although, eggnog pancakes are much more seasonal and sound amazing :) Stay safe in the blizzard!

  2. Yeah, I suggested that but by then we had already mixed everything else!