Monday, August 9, 2010

No AC - No Problem?

Minnesota is generally a climate of cold and although I enjoy a beautiful sunny day at the lake, I would prefer it if my house was a chilly 65 degrees and I was wearing a Norwegian Sweater. When we were looking for a house to rent we were looking at older houses and most of them didn't have air conditioning. When we found our house and they told us there was central air conditioning we were thrilled. And not just for us - our house is a bit of a zoo. Of course, there's Sogn. But, there's also Turtle! Turtle is my bunny, and we've been together for about four years. She needs the air conditioning too!

But, the air has gone out tonight. It is hot, the windows are open wide and both of the fans are on. It's not really helping out too much, but it's not unbearable. Thankfully, the AC guy is coming by tomorrow, some time between noon and four and he will (hopefully) have a quick, easy, cheap solution to fix our dud air conditioner.

So, we're all hot tonight. But at least the heat has dropped from 87 to 81 in the past hour and hopefully we can all have a good night's sleep. But, I must say, that of the four of us in our small family, I think Sogn, with his cold bath, got the best sans-AC cool down of all of us.


  1. Is this your first post about Turtle? I also LOVE the pic of Sogn!!! He looks so happy! We used to turn the AC down (or up in temp) when we left for the day, but now we keep the AC up all day for Dimitri, he needs it too!!

  2. Yes! This was my first post about Turtle, she's hard to write about since she doesn't do a lot. I was worried about her this morning (still no AC) because she was drinking so much water. So I attempted to put cool water on her ears, as instructed by many online bunny-raising sites, and she was not having it. She just likes to sit and look at you, not so much play or be touched.

    But, the AC has been fixed now and we're back in the comfort zone!

  3. sogn look so cute in the bathtub! :)