Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Dandelion Cafe

Calhoun and I went to the Midtown Farmers Market for the first time yesterday. It was AMAZING and I recommend it to anybody who is looking for a great place to shop for local produce. The Midtown Farmers Market is different from some of the other farmers markets around the cities because there are certain rules that all of the food sold there has to be from within a certain distance of the market. This means, that unlike some of the other farmers markets in Minneapolis, there are not pineapples or bananas sold at Midtown.

We bought great hamburger and sausage patties, and skirt steak at a fraction of the grocery store price, from Hilltop Pastures. We bought tomatoes and great sweet corn from a few other growers and bought 15 ounces of homemade salsa that we have already consumed.

But, my favorite part of the market was this great stand, called the Dandelion Cafe. I can't find an actual webpage for them, so I've linked to a Star Tribune Article. This couple took a cross-continent bike trip from Prauge to Bangkok and has brought street food back to Minneapolis. Calhoun and I shared the best grilled cheese sandwich I've had in a long time and I chatted with Natalie for a while and she mentioned that they're still getting things together for their downtown food cart, which is permitted for Nicollet Ave right outside of the IDS. Being the Type-A kind of person that I am I would never imagine such a bike trip, or the bravery that it requires to come home and imagine making something like a food stand your living. But the couple that owns the Dandelion Cafe was cute, and sweet, and in a great place for their business and I hope it all works out!

If you find yourself planning to go to the Midtown Farmers Market, don't eat ahead of time. There's plenty of wonderful stuff there to keep your tummy happy!

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