Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Big Backyard

A few nights ago the weather cooled down enough that we were able to throw the windows open wide and enjoy the sound of cars walking by instead of the constant whirr of the AC. It was wonderful, except that when the windows are open I'm always painfully aware of how close our small house sits to a busy sidewalk and street. Not to mention, the tomato plants that we planted outside of the fence along the side of the house finally have some tomatoes that will be ripe any day now and I'm paranoid that someone is going to think they look great and snap them up.

So, while Calhoun and I were enjoying one of the last homework-free summer nights I began to hear something outside the window. It sounded like someone spraying water but I couldn't figure it out so I turned off all the lights in the house and peered outside like a creeper.

And then I saw them. On the tree between the sidewalk and the street, outside the kitchen window, a raccoon crawled down the tree. As I continued to watch, a second raccoon crawled down. It turns out the noise I heard was the noise that their claws make when they're crawling down a tree trunk.

At this point, Calhoun freaked out. Calhoun does not like raccoons and said that I needed to get Sogn inside immediately to protect him from the raccoons. So, I reached outside and pulled the sleeping puppy inside and Calhoun went out to investigate. The family of raccoons walked across the street and up onto our neighbors roof. Better their house than ours?

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