Sunday, June 13, 2010


Played Kubb for the first time this summer. Kubb is an awesome (and obscure) lawn game that originated in Sweden and I can only assumed arrived here in the great state of Minnesota thanks to the many blonds who also came here from Sweden.

It is an awesome game. Number one, it is awesome because I am occasionally good at it (although, Calhoun and I did lose the game tonight). Number two, Kubb is awesome because you can play with a beer in your hand. Number three, it is awesome because you get to throw wooden sticks at wooden blocks. Number four, it is awesome because there's no counting involved (contrary to bag/cornhole).

The Kubb King

I love summer, and I love lawn games, and I love friends who have Kubb!!!

Thank you Hale for your Scandinavian heritage and your love of supplying food to others!


  1. I mean, I know your a law student and all, but really, "law games." That just sounds boring or nerdy ... actually both! Though, I do like the image of you lawyering with a beer in your hand!

  2. Thank you proof reader, consider the blog amended.