Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's a Small School After All

Tracy's Saloon is our favorite restaurant in all of Minnesota. It has many incredible features, but our favorite is when they have wooden nickel, happy hour, during which you can buy a beer and you get a wooden nickel, for a free beer, redeemable at any time in the future. We found out about Tracy's because it's a favorite spot for many of the students in Calhoun's graduate department because of the great deals, totally relaxed atmosphere and incredible mix of people.

Thursday night I headed off to Tracy's at 9 to meet Calhoun after he got done with the class he is a teaching assistant for at the University. Thursday is not only a wooden nickle night, but Taco Night - we try and make it about once a month. Anyways, I'm sitting in the booth, cradling my Surly Furious and spinning my wooden nickel and in comes Calhoun and our friend, Kawishiwi, came in! Kawishiwi is a good friend from college who is a graduate student at the U in a different department than Calhoun, but they ran into each other leaving school! On a campus of more than 50,000 student, what are the odds?

We had a great night. The boys enjoyed the Summit Red Ale from the Summit Brewing Company right here in St. Paul, we watched the Vikings not make their first round draft pick and talked a lot about upcoming trips to the Boundary Waters!

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