Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Fifteen Foot Christmas Tree

I grew up with artificial trees and I love them.  Through all of our moves I have moved the six foot tree I got my first year after college. I love that tree because I can put it up myself and I have the exact right number of decorations for it and they all fit in one rubbermaid box. Calhoun does not like my artificial tree so much.

Calhoun likes real Christmas trees. So this year, for the second time in my life, we got a real Christmas tree. I asked around at work and was informed that the Rydell National Wildlife Refuge lets people come in one weekend every December to cut Christmas trees, that are not native to the area. We called up Calhoun's parents and made a day of it to go out and get a tree.

It was awesome. We tromped around in the woods and finally picked a few trees that we wanted to bring home with us. Calhoun's parents picked a three foot tall tree top that will be safe for Blueberry when she comes over and we picked out a fifteen foot whopper. We are always trying to make the most of our current situation and this Christmas we decided that means a fifteen foot Christmas tree! Our current rental has an open living room and we wanted to fill it with a tree. So we did.

Calhoun fell the tree with a handsaw and then he and Kenyon dragged it out and tied it to the truck.

That same night we rearranged all the furniture in our living room, and our tree has stood two stories tall all week. 

Then last nigh, we made spiced cider and lit up Rydell National Wildlife Refuge Tree. The season has arrived.  

 p.s. the dogs are totally uninterested, thank goodness!

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