Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Holidays from Sogn and Vasa

The holidays means photographs for the annual holiday card! I glanced at an article a few days ago about the stress of trying to create a perfect holiday card and I could kinda of understand the stress. I definitely believe we work too hard to present perfect images of our lives to the outside (yes - I realize the irony of this statement coming from a blog writer who uses pseudonyms and cuts herself out of all photographs), but as we attempted to wrangle the pack and smile at the camera I could appreciate the stress of wrangling young children into a perfect holiday picture.

So, here are the puppy out-takes (the people out-takes are so terrible they are not suitable for the blog):

 poor hunting dogs, their noses are working overtime

this was just distraction 

Vasa tends to look like a crazy

p.s. photos taken by Red and Swan who made the drive to visit us a few weekends ago! YAY FOR FRIENDS!

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