Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our First Guests at The Lake

A few weeks ago, before the holidays, we had our first guests here at The Lake! They said that our house was brighter and more pleasant than we had described and we were so happy to have them!

Red and Swan came down specifically for a weekend of relaxation and hunting. Although Red was a Boy Scout and was an excellent shot at a target he had never actually been hunting. Calhoun has been out enough this season, and with enough frequency, that he was really looking forward to opportunities to host friends down here. So, they came down the weekend before Christmas to get in a few final hunts of the season.

It was really great to have friends down here. We cooked big breakfasts, took naps, spent the day in our sweatpants (Red and Swan are really good friends), had wonderful dinners and great time with them.

The boys - I guess they're men now? - hunted for two days. Calhoun was able to supply all the gear. A few winters ago, Calhoun and a collection of other friends journeyed to the DDS's home in Grand Rapids where they spent a few days ice fishing. When they came home Calhoun was enamored with the DDS's family's gear closet - reportedly a corner basement room filled with boots, snow-pants, vests, coats, shirts and all the blaze orange your heart could desire. Although he hasn't said so, I think it's Calhoun's desire to have such a collection of gear that he could have a dozen people out to hunt or fish and could dress all of them! Well, he's well on his way, and proved it when he and Red emerged from the basement both looking like real hunters.

They had a great time, they certainly came back smiling and exhausted. They even got one pheasant! Although I won't say who shot it :)

 Sogn, boots and a fire. Not bad.

In the end they headed back to the cities, as we knew they would. But it was great to host again and I can't wait to host some more!

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