Thursday, September 1, 2011

Superior National Forest - Laurentian Divide

Calhoun and I found ourselves up north yesterday and took a hike through Superior National Forest along the Laurentian Divide. We drove three and a half hours in the morning to get up to the Iron Range and three and a half to get back down to the cities so we were happy to get out of the car and stretch our legs.

One thing that shocked us was, on the Iron Range, fall colors are starting to appear!

It's amazing what two hundred miles can do - yesterday there was a temperature difference of about 10-12 degrees between the Range and the Twin Cities. The great news about the cool weather up there is that we were able to let Sogn run through the woods for an hour and a half and he was exhausted, but not overheated like he would have been in hotter weather. It's amazing the difference two hundred miles make!

I loved this little bunch of plants along the trail! They looked like beautiful green flowers!

Sadly, I haven't really made it out on any epic summer adventures besides the wedding weekend away in late August. Calhoun spent a week in the Boundary Waters early in the summer, and a few days up north at his parent's place but I haven't slept in a tent all summer! But - a hike in a national forest is a great mini-vacation and I'm so glad we had the time!

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